Raised in Alexandria, Egypt. Miran studied Fine Arts (Painting Department) and received her master degree in 2006. By the end of 2006, she moved to the United States, where she lives and works in New York till today.

Miran works on wood and uses acrylic colors and pigments as her medium. She is very inspired by the Abstract Art movement for its spirituality. Miran believes in simplicity; she believes that sometimes life seems extremely complicated that it needs more colors. Her work is an examination to present her observation and her personal experience using colors and lines, to separate and withdraw something from something else.

Miran believes that Art allows people from different cultures and times to communicate with each other. It has a huge impact on our moods and emotions. Painting especially abstract art uses a visual language of shapes, colors, and lines to create a composition by exploring their relationships. Color (or hue) is at the heart of every painting. It is (from her opinion) the most important element because it is irreplaceable, and it sets the tone on how people see and feel the artwork.

In 2008 Hue+Wood was born from the simple idea of creating colorful wearable art pieces that is designed to bring a unique artistic touch to your life. The beauty of her pieces is explored from the detailed free hand black lines that are breaking through the colored geometric shapes, which are her clear and unique trademark.

You can contact Miran anytime, with any questions, concerns, custom orders, feedback or even to say Hello -info@huewoodjewelry.com