Miran A. is the designer behind Hue+Wood. Raised in Alexandria, Egypt one of the most beautiful Mediterranean cities in northern Egypt. Miran loved art since she was little and always had a dream to become an artist. She studied Fine Arts (Painting Department) and received her B.A. in 2001 then received her M.A early 2006 from the University of Alexandria, Egypt.

By the end of 2006 she decided (with her husband) to move to the US where she lives and works till today.

Miran's painting took a Black/White direction with no colors. By early 2013 she started working on small pieces where she can incorporate more Colors. Until one day she made a small piece that looked like a gigantic piece of jewelry. That's when she was hooked with the idea of creating painted jewelry that will have the same uniqueness and personality as a piece of Art. After lots of research and trials, Miran decided to start making her jewelry line where she founded her colored side. 

Hue+Wood jewelry line was born in August 2013 selling through local and international markets and stores.

You can contact Miran anytime - with custom orders, feedback, questions or even to say Hello -  info@huewoodjewelry.com